National Committees

NATC National Committees are representative groups of NATC members working together to offer the national board guidance on programs and policies pertaining to strategic initiatives. Committee members serve at the discretion of the board and may review and suggest policies and programs if they are aligned with the organization's strategic direction. National committee efforts are led by committee chairs who bring the committees' suggestions to the board for review and approval. Committee positions are appointed by the board.

Regional Committees (Regional Committee Information and Member Qualifications)

The Regional Committees members are who represent the different states from across the country. National Regional directors look to committee members to provide feedback from members in their state as well as identity potential challenges in their state.

Chairs: Each committee is lead by the corresponding Regional Director

Membership and Marketing Committee (Membership and Marketing Committee Information and Member Qualifications)

The Membership and Marketing Committee advises and works with staff on encouraging engagement in the NATC community, as well as improving and expanding the delivery of NATC’s messaging, ensuring that it is aligned with our mission.

Chair: Shanda Macomber, TC and CEO of Be Happy TC

Education Committee (Education Committee Information and Member Qualifications)

The Education Committee works to advance NATC’s education programs by recommending speakers and education topics, reviewing speaker presentations, and developing and reviewing original and curated content.

Chair: Iris Ireland, Owner/TC, REgal TC, LLC

Governance (Governance Committee Information and Member Qualifications)

The Governance Committee upholds the standards and integrity of NATC’S national election process. It coordinates election efforts, reviews all potential candidates for elections to ensure they meet the minimum criteria required for each position and conducts the election process.

Chair: Wendi Molina, Owner, The TC Consultant


The Finance committee develops and monitors NATC’s annual budget, income and expenditures for the committee’s approval.

Chair: TBD

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